Hikikomori Tabi ga Shitai vol 4

One scroll reaches one of four singers who live by inertia, Fuumumifu, Amatsuki, luz, Ako Sakata. When enveloped in dazzling light, I will not be able to work in a tenement house. That was the “Edo period” that was once seen in textbooks. 
“Suspicious guy! Encounter encounter!” 
Lanterns of your choice in the blink of an eye quickly escaped from life and tried to masquerade as Shinsengumi, but now what’s going to happen … 
so this time it’s time leap! 
Shuriken, Ninjutsu, by making full use of the bow, to either go back to the original era! 
Shinobu live a modern (withdrawal) we’ll time of awakening come Tareri! 


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