Hikikomori Tabi ga Shitai vol 1

Made a disastrous appearance withdrawal singers Akekure in video post, 
finally unexplored:! Is thrown out to Karuizawa! Led by group leader Mafumafu, Soraru, Amatsuki – Amatsuki -, doodling journey story is luz Nowa Shimawa by (※ clerk G teacher has me watching as guardian) and explosion balloons in the car, do not know how to stab the BBQ in the skewer! do not know also paved the way of bedding if you do not know even how to sharpen rice! 
at the supermarket that does not at all usual 3 people + 1 live-action traveling DVD which recorded shooting and sports of the shocking sports, dokidoki blog! Joka! Funny Videos ! 


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Weight290 g

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